From photo editing to planning content to creating graphics to productivity, even to finances, these 12 apps have helped me as an individual and as a brand.

Please, note that for all of them, I use the free mobile versions.

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1 ANY.DO This is my go-to productivity app. It’s like a calendar app, notes app and personal assistant all in one. It helps you plan your tasks and schedule each one as you wish to with reminders and priority labels.

2 CANVA This app is the easiest app to use for graphics if you have no graphic design background. There are tons of fonts and templates to choose from and the interface is so easy to navigate and find your way around even for first timers.

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3 MOJO This is the holy grail for video content – especially instastory graphics. I won’t even say much but this is the GOAT. Don’t sleep on it. The free version has limited templates and animations you can choose from but I still find it uber useful and exciting to use.

4 UNFOLD This is an app for instastories. It has fun amazing templates that you can use to give your stories the extra touch. I have no more words, just download it and watch your story game go from 0 to 100.

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5 LIGHTROOM Adobe Lightroom mobile has been my bestie since I found it. I currently do 90% of my photo editing on the go with it. What I love most about it is that you can copy and paste edits. This helps give your feed a cohesive aesthetic that would be peculiar to you. A gem.

6 QUORA This app helps me ask all the stupid questions I have without judgement. Another thing is that I can see the questions that are being asked by my audience, so it helps me tailor my content.

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7 UNUM I use UNUM to plan and organize my Instagram feed before I post. It’s so easy to use although the free version only lets you connect one Instagram account at a time. It’s fine by me.

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8 COWRYWISE This one is my favourite because it has to do with money lol. I use Cowrywise to automate my savings. A close alternative is PiggyVest, and I use both, but I picked Cowrywise for this list because the interface appeals to all my 538 billion perfectionist senses. The UI design just makes me want to throw all my money in there.

9 DOCUMENTS I use the Documents app to… wait for it… save documents. I save all my e-books and stuff there in many different formats and to be honest, the app just excites me more than any alternative so I use it like I have no other choice lol.

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10 PINTEREST If this app is not on this list, then the list should be thrown away. Where else would you get inspiration if not Pinterest? If you’re a creative and you don’t use Pinterest, you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff.

11 INSHOT This is an amazing app to edit vlogs and video clips, add fonts, transitions, stickers, animations, etc to videos. I endorse this app because of how much the quality of your video is still retained after editing.

12 GET BARTER You’ve most likely tried to pay for stuff online and your Nigerian card was not supported. Get Barter gives you virtual dollar visa cards that can help you make such card transactions that you otherwise would have grown old while trying to make with your Naira card.

That’s it guys! Which of these apps do you use and what do you love about them? Which of them are you going to download? I’d love to know in the comment section! If you found this post helpful, please share.

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