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Now, don’t expect a DMX Challenge situation going on here so you won’t be disappointed lol. This year was mostly for me trying to see whether I would die if I tried new styles (mostly braids) and it turns out I didn’t. Although it’s not as many as I thought, in my head I had done like 253 different styles this year but life just comes at you so fast. Oh well, this post is mostly for reference because 2020 has to be THE year. If after this, I still don’t do better, I’d just know that I don’t belong to the hair adventurers WhatsApp group.

Now to my hair styles of 2019 (in no particular order):

So this is pretty much it…

My year was filled with braids, straight weaves and a few attempts at making attempts.

The vendor I got the first bundles from is @biibii_hair on Instagram. I got them for 40000 NGN in 2017 and although I’ve used it 279 million times since then, it’s still soft and bouncy, steady keeping the compliments rolling in. The bundles I used for the ponytail on the other hand, I’ve had them since 2016 but they’ve gone downhill with every install, so I just started to use them for ponytails and stuff like that. I got them for 40000 NGN as well from @dehomeofvirginhairs


  1. COLOUR – This year was full of dark coloured hair; black, dark red, dark blue, safe grey, ugh. That has got to change this year, we’re switching things up and stepping outside the comfort zone.
  2. LENGTH – I feel so uncomfortable when my hair isn’t flippable because how am I going to give you attitude when I walk away? Ehn? See, this is the major reason I mostly had long hair on this year, except when I made the short braids with the beads and I realized I absolutely loved it. So I’m going to try short styles this coming year.
  3. STYLE – I played it all too safe this year; straight hair and braids for the most part. In my defence, I was too focused on switching up my braids styles and colours. But that has got to change this coming year – more curls, more up-do’s, more pixies, more everything else. We’re shutting it down in 2020.

Who’s with me?

What was your 2019 hairstyles lineup like? Colourful? Creative? Basic? I’d love to know in the comments section below. If it’s not as badass as you’d have wanted, then join me as we make 2020 THE year. I’d love to see you leave your comfort zone this coming year. For me, it’s not just in hairstyles, but in fashion, my ice-cream combo, and I’ve got to stop ordering pasta in every restaurant I visit. Gosh. So I think we have our work cut out for us. Let’s do this!

#DISCOMFORTZONE2020 we move!!!

Please share this post with your friends and all the haters who you would be blinding with your #DISCOMFORTGLOW in 2020. They deserve a warning at least, or don’t they?

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  • December 25, 2019

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