It’s my birthday today and I’m feeling nostalgic. Isn’t it a little too early for me to be 22 though??

I started the day feeling very uninterested and somewhat sad, but my younger sisters baked me cake and it’s really hard to argue with cake. That was a solid case, I won’t lie. So I gave in.

I still feel unaccomplished and just weird but I realized that, maybe I feel this way because I did not have a well mapped out goal for life up to now. It’s just a hazy sketch I have in my head which doesn’t cut it for me anymore. So I guess you already understand why you’re here now reading this. I want to know I’m not heading for a finish line that keeps shifting so I need you to bear witness. If you see anybody trying to play smart by shifting the goal post, kindly raise alarm – even if that person is me. Stand against injustice!

Here’s 15 things I would love to have achieved by 25. Let’s just say a bucket list, but for 25:

  1. Write a bestselling book, or two.
  2. Move to a new country.
  3. Teach 1000 people intentionally to live simple, productive lives.
  4. Visit at least 15 countries.
  5. Learn to play the violin
  6. Finally learn to stop laughing at serious matters.
  7. Get another degree (another Masters or Ph.D)
  8. Address a >3000 crowd
  9. Have a skincare routine.
  10. Learn to bake.
  11. Own a house.
  12. Have seven 6-figure (at least) streams of income.
  13. Get 500 children off the streets and into school.
  14. Set up a foundation for sickle cell and education.
  15. Sing in front of a crowd.

Some mundane, some life-changing. These are 15 things that form my checklist for 25. Hopefully, my 25th birthday wouldn’t have me all gloomy and sad like this one did.

I received a lot of messages and calls today, and my heart is full. If you sent in one, I appreciate you so much!
Cheers to 22!

Yours waiting for grey hair,

18 thoughts on “15 BEFORE 25: MY BUCKET LIST”

  1. Happy birthday once again, if nothing at all you’re an awesome writer and I love reading your blog posts.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself we tend to do that especially when we have our birthdays and that doesn’t help.
    I wish you an amazing year ahead and I pray for more blessings for you.
    The year’s will get better.
    Happy 22 🎉


  2. That’s an awesome list, Alma. I’m gaining inspiration for my own by just looking at yours. By God’s grace, at 25, you’ll look at this list and see that you’ve achieved everything on it.


  3. Alma, this is nice..
    You’ve written them down for the world to see in words, by 25 they’ll see it in actualization..
    God bless you babe❣


  4. Wow!! This is great. I so much love this
    No. 14 though, one of the reasons I ventured into Nursing.. God will see us through🙏


  5. Alma!! Happy 22!! Lol…don’t we all have the feeling…I’m 21 and I already feel so old(lol) …its interesting that you have the mental strength to know what you want and pen em down!!! Its strength!!! We’ll do our best!


  6. I guess it’s not too late to say Happy 22. Saying this makes me feel so old though, and I can see my 22 bucket list giving me the side eye as I’ll be turning 25 by October. Anyhoo, I’m grateful for life and for all the wins and losses. I mean, lessons. Have a great year ahead, Alma!
    *Virtual fist bumps*


  7. 22 will be so good Alma, regardless of how the year started. Also, you’ll achieve your goals because you know exactly what you want. It’s a given. Happy belated birthday🍾🥳


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