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I’ve had this dress since 2014. I thrifted it at Yaba market with my Auntie for 700 naira and I’ve just never worn it out. It’s always one of my options but never gets picked. On the day of this shoot, I was supposed to go out, and I finally decided to wear this dress. Guess what? The plans got cancelled.

So maybe this dress was called to a higher purpose like this. Instead of being a random outfit for outings like the rest, it has decided to be a creative medium and who am I to say no? That’s why we’re here now – you and me both (me writing and you reading) to fulfill the purpose of this dress, and any dress you have in your wardrobe that is versatile, but doesn’t ever make the cut. Give it a chance. I’ll show you how, in six easy peasy oh so breezy ways:

1 Give it a push.

In this case, it was a belt to cinch the waist and break the pattern. Pretty simple.

2 Take it to church.

I did this by introducing this blazer to the mix. It helped dress it up and mute the pattern. Another perk of this is it gives room for other colours to be added without looking too busy.

3 Take it to church but like…just for first service

I can’t explain myself but I know you get it. Okay let me try; Same thing, but just with a little more attitude like the way you look at people coming for second service on your way out like, “Yo, been there, done that.” Get it now? Trust you do. Unto the next one.

4 Do magic tricks with it.

So, for the first trick, it’s doing to be a corporate skirt. Folded in the upper part, and shielded it with a belt because I don’t like stories. Wore a shirt on it, tucked it in and Abracadabra.

5 And for the next trick?

An island skirt. Higher purpose dress yo, higher purpose.

6 Take it back to Church but…this time to join the choir.

Can’t explain this one if I tried lol but I hope you get it. Please resist the urge to question what goes on in my head. Thanks.

Now I’m certain we all have a higher purpose dress sitting around in the closet. Let’s put it to some good use. Hope this helps. Please leave a comment below and tell me which style is your fave. For me, I love the good old push; simple and straight to the point. Which is your fave?

Till next time,






Dress, Belt, Blazer, Sandals: Thrifted

Necklace, Shades: Balogun Market at 1000 & 800 NGN respectively

Clear Heels: @ohindulgence on Instagram for 6800 NGN

Earrings: Ali Express

Cane Bags: Lekki Arts & Craft Market at 3500 NGN for the two (1750 each)

Photography: All pictures were taken by the amazing Alpha and edited by me.


  • Ore

    February 23, 2020

    My favs are “Do magic tricks with it” and “And For the next trick”. And the pictures are bomb af


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