So, after all the frenzy from the celebration, the real work has now started.

I got a stash of McVities Digestive biscuits and some Orijin Zero to help me through these trying times, meanwhile my youngest sister has sworn that she will stick to me like white on rice. She has blatantly refused to let me sleep alone. While I absolutely love her company, my stash of isolation snacks is where I draw the line. She asked me the first day for some of my biscuits and I gave her. Next day, I gave her the pack to take some, and she proceeded to start sharing it with my other two sisters. On the third day, this unemployed 8-year-old went ahead to find the stash, and had the guts to giggle about it. Imagine! Okay, that’s it. Who needs a sister?

While I’d really love to say that my biggest problem right now is that my sister found my snack trove, life doesn’t work like that. There’s now a food menu and a roaster pasted on the door of the guest room. This new development is about to change the course of this isolation for me.

First of all, let me establish a few things here. There are very very few things I hate more than chores, and anything that involves physical labour. (Word on the street is that I won’t be able to find a husband because of this. Lmao.) Also, I basically eat once a day. A couple days ago, my mum called me on the phone from her room at about 8 p.m, and she went, “Amarachi, have you eaten anything today? Do you know you are endangering your life?” Her exact words. After the phone call, I proceeded to eat bread.

I can eat bread for the rest of my life and be content – toast today, fry tomorrow, with eggs next, then with mayo – so it really hurts me that other people cannot do the same and I have to pay for it. Sad, but I can’t be as selfish as I’d love to be. This menu meant that I now have to cook 4 days in the week and I have to clean – like Saturday-level cleaning – every day. This wouldn’t have been so hard if that was all I had to do but I still have my personal projects to work on; my thesis, research papers to publish, the books I’m trying to write, blogging, the books I have to read, taking pictures, and the video streak I started on Instagram. So far, I’m getting things done, but I cannot guarantee anyone a smiling face while at it.

Speaking of the video streak I started, I challenged myself to post one motivational video daily on my Instagram for 2 weeks straight, and I was consistent with it! (Check them out here) I’m still so proud of myself, and it motivated me to start this blogging streak for the rest of April.

Fingers crossed, let’s see how it goes.

Isolated Cheers,


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