At the beginning of the isolation, I had it bad. Like bad bad bad, and I didn’t even know. My mental health was depleting because of the scary news I was being bombarded with. But with time, after I cut down my news and media consumption, and filtered it to “happy” stuff, I felt better. Many aspects of my life have recovered – however slowly – but my productivity has been playing games with me.

My productivity levels sank so bad, then un-sank, then sank right back. This is one of my un-sunken stages and that’s why I’m able to write this now. I woke up and the book I was reading: “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon ignited a jolt of energy in me. I ran to my desk to type this so I won’t hear stories.

Isolation Diary

One of the things that has stifled my productivity – one of the things I’d rather blame than myself – is my neighbours’ generators. So, one of the buildings we share a fence with is a block of four flats. Their kitchen terraces look directly into my compound, just perfectly placed adjacent to my room window. Now guess what? That is where they all keep their generators. Worst of all is that they would never turn them off immediately light comes. They have sworn to never in their lives give NEPA* the benefit of the doubt.

But I can’t actually blame them. NEPA has just been crap, and so has the internet. I recently got an Airtel MiFi because MTN was crippling my finances, and although it’s not the best, there are a lot of decisions that have been worse than this. For one thing, at least it’s cheaper, so I’m not complaining. Another upside to it is that when it starts acting slow, I get the chance to write. So, you see my dilemma?

If you want a detailed review, let me know. Hopefully, when it’s down, I’d write one.

Oh! And I finally figured out why the tap in the guest toilet works sometimes and doesn’t some other times. Someone kept turning it off from underneath. That makes sense sha, considering there was a leak. I also just figured out how to tell when an avocado is ripe and I’m so hyped!

Off to check the fridge to guess which ones are ripe now.

Socially-Distant Regards,

*The agency that is supposed to provide us with electricity, but prefer to host monthly meetings to decide what new confusing names to give themselves, in the bid to trick us into believing they’ve changed. Obviously, I didn’t fall for it.


  • May 18, 2020

    I have been stuck on your blog since your birthday found you from salems stories. I love all your videos on Instagram and I can totally relate to this post especially the part about mtn crippling finances. Your blog is amazing


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