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You’ve probably seen a lot of reviews since the release of this movie, some good, some bad, others terrible. So here’s some tea from a lazy student’s perspective. I’m just trying to learn lessons, break them down into practical relatable bits and share them with you. Here goes:

1. Don’t trust photographers/artists, especially the ones with high hair.

Nuff said. You were warned.

a fall from grace review and lessons

2. First date question: “Who is your mother to you?”

Ehn she gave birth to you and all but anything else I might need to know? A joint venture maybe? You’re a “mama’s boy” okay. What kind of mama’s boy? He established how close he was to his mum, but bro that was an easy one to miss too. Can’t lie. Anyways, just be careful out here. The streets aren’t safe.

3. We need to start to respect lawyers.

It’s so hard to believe that there’s a whole profession out there where you have to win arguments to eat. So wait, crying can’t solve the problem? No? I would have been doomed. I don’t know about you tho.

4. We all need a Jordan.

Yo! This man was the perfect husband. He “scolded” her when she was falling off the tracks. He was very helpful and involved, not because he was a police officer but, just as her husband. We all need a Jordan – as friends, spouses, whatever. Get yourself one and be one.

5. Check up on him. See if he’s fine with it.

Finding out a person you now share a bed with hates to be “checked up on” and “questioned” is a lot to take at once. Basically, evaluate your relationships properly before you take them a step further.

6. Go to your village often.

Let’s be honest, the only thing that saved Grace is the Uzo necklace she recognized the first time and then, on Sarah eventually. And she knew it because she had read a lot on African history. Get in touch with your roots. Stay connected, but avoid getting jazzed sha.

7. Give everyone a chance to speak.

Even when it seems like they don’t know what they’re saying. Don’t jump into conclusion so fast. If Jasmine didn’t give Brenda a chance to speak, she wouldn’t have been able to say the address and none of the catching-of-the-bad-guy moves would have happened.

A fall from grace review

8. Stop taking your phone to the toilet with you.

Calm down, I don’t expect you to take a shit in boredom, but get this: If Hansel and Gretel didn’t teach you anything, Tyler Perry has come to your rescue. If Jasmine’s phone wasn’t on the table, what would have happened when Jordan called? Basically, what I’m saying is, always leave a trace, especially when you don’t feel safe.

9. Life doesn’t come at you that fast o. Relax. It’s just film.

For grace, it was back-to-back. For you, there’s good news. People aren’t there shouting “CUT!” and trying to get a story visualized in 5 days. You have time to figure things out. You do. So be vigilant. Take your time to think and connect the dots because, believe it or not, every single thing in the universe is in fact connected.

10. Finally, and this is where it gets real; If something is too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true. If someone just waltzes into your life, especially when it feels so out-of-place, question it.

May we not fall from grace. Amen.  

Photo Credit: Netflix / Charles Bergmann

REMEMBER THIS: “Your instinct is ALWAYS better than your intellect.”

Have you seen A Fall from Grace? Did you like it? Did you learn anything from this post? C’mon don’t be stingy. Please share.

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  • February 5, 2020

    I haven’t seen the movie but I just may do that soon even if its to discover why I should stop taking my phone with me to the toilet. This was a great article. I kept smiling while reading it.

  • prudence okonna

    February 6, 2020

    Unconventional indeed! Having seen the movie and With all the reviews on the quality and all what not, this perspective was thoroughly explored and I enjoyed every part of it. Well done!

  • February 14, 2020

    Now that I finally saw the movie, I can relate.Thank you for this blog post .


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