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Location: 45 King Perekule Street, New GRA, Port-Harcourt

Type: Bakery, Breakfast, Bistro

Day visited: Tuesday, 17th December, 2019

Cost: 5000 NGN per person (food & drink) approx.

First of all, if you get my pun please leave me a comment, you deserve a treat lol. Okay, let’s get into the business of the day. First, the architect in me is going to give it to Buns & Batter for their space configuration and interior design. There are three sections; first is the bakery where you can basically just walk-in, make a purchase and leave. The second and third are for dining.

The air that welcomes you into this space is that of freshly baked bread and pastries and that definitely has to be a business strategy to make you hungrier and buy more but we’ll discuss their sneaky ass some other day.

Now that is out of the way, let’s dissect this gem in more detail:


I particularly loved how the glass façade was used to marry the interior with the garden outside. That way, the space didn’t feel isolated from its environment and that was definitely a plus for me. I loved the chic lounges and the wooden details used to accentuate the white walls and ceilings that gave the space some character. The light fittings too were very beautiful. Apart from this place being “instagrammable”, it actually does feel cozy.

SERVICE – 3/10

Guy you will wait o. Just know. You will wait for at least 30 minutes. Apart from the time it takes for your food to be served, the waiters and waitresses are polite and nice. The major reason I’m not giving this a 2/10 is because the waitress came with a customer satisfaction form to fill and not only that, she handed it to me – the only female amongst 4 men. Now I’m certain it was intentional because I wasn’t the closest to her when she handed it to me, so if you’re a feminist in PH and you’re hungry, go to Buns & Batter.

FOOD – 7/10

This is probably why you clicked on this post anyway. Chop Chop! *insert African mother face here* Oh well, don’t worry I don’t judge lol. The food tastes quite basic tbh, probably because I ordered pasta for the 26,093,001st time. The menu had quite a range, and I was impressed but that impressed-ness wasn’t enough to make me order something else ugh smh Alma, smh. I had the Spaghetti and Peppered Chicken and in terms of quantity, yo those guys were trying to refund me the weight school stole. It was quite filling. I also got the Sunrise Smoothie and it was good as well, not amazing, just good. I instantly felt like my friend Omarosa with all the fruits and healthy eating lol. My friends ordered the Club Sandwich and Chicken Escalope (and my brother cracked a joke about it being made from chickens that tried to escape the pen. See the people I have to live with?) They all confirmed that it was filling, so if you want quantity, by all means, visit Buns & Batter.

PRICE – 7/10

Total for all 5 of us was 20400 NGN, which I think is quite fair. On the average a single person should spend about 5000 NGN on food and drink and that’s very moderate in my opinion. I have attached the menu at the end of this post. You don’t have to pay all those wildly ridiculous extra charges so your bank account would thank you for choosing this place.

Overall, I’d give it an average score of 6/10, not a 7 because that wait time is crazy. They deliver within PHC so you can order while at home or work and have your food delivered to you. Also, I noticed that there were sockets for almost all the tables so it’s work friendly too. Now go forth and have a good time kids!

If you’ve visited Buns & Batter already, I’d love to know what your experience was like. If you plan to, I hope this post was super helpful! Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have other concerns about Buns & Batter that weren’t addressed in this post.

Till next time,



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  • January 9, 2020

    Nice review.
    Please can you leave a clue on where the pun is?

  • Asinobi Paula

    January 11, 2020

    I am guessing the pun is the abundance in buns and batter

  • Asinobi Paula

    January 11, 2020

    I am guessing the pun is the abundance in buns and batter

  • Chidinma

    January 15, 2020

    Lol nice going with the pun. This blog is amazing tbh ❤️ you’re doing a good job here.


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